Interrupt Your Impostor Type

A Live, Online Workshop and Q&A

Early 2022 Date, TBC

Want to spend more time cultivating your genius, instead of wasting it with self doubt and self sabotage?

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In this mini workshop, I’ll help you to…

  1. identify your Impostor type – not all Impostors are created equal
  2. understand your environment – it can negatively affect your Impostor type
  3. leverage your Impostor type – it’s not all bad
  4. interrupt your Impostor type – quick-wins to stop it in it’s tracks
  5. learn about The .F.R.A.U.D. Framework™ – an introduction to the 5 step guide to mastering Impostor Syndrome long term

Bonus Features

By enrolling on to the online course, you will also receive the following bonuses:

Resource Bundle

Receive pdfs of all Impostor Type Profiles and a customisable action plan to help you keep on track implementing your solutions 

'Hotseat' Coaching

Access mini 1:1 on the spot ‘Hotseat’ coaching  to trouble-shoot your specific situation 

Pop Up Community

Benefit from a 2 week pre- and post workshop community with others who get this “impostor life” answering questions and sharing support, feedback & ideas

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The workshop is a 2 Hour experience, running on a Saturday or Sunday 


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