Declutter & Detox

4 Week Coaching Programme

Exhausted by playing catch up with your life? 

 Overwhelmed by what steps to take for success?

Are you ready to transform your life, feel free and thrive?

Then read on to find out how!

Declutter & Detox helps people to thrive rather than survive through a 4 week coaching programme. 
I know too well what it feels like to start the year on a high and full of energy, resolutions and intentions in January, to feeling deflated, disoriented or disillusioned by February, let alone March.
Whether you are already at your wits end or enjoying your current trajectory, my programme offers you a chance to reset your year and/or put the necessary atomic habits in place to help you make transformational improvements for the rest of the year.

“I was a bit unsure as to how she [Vanetta] is really going to be able to help me figure out my next steps in my career, but after the 1.5 hours I left feeling re-charged and excited about what lay ahead. Vanetta helped me realise the vast array of opportunities that lay ahead of me and to choose for myself what is most fitting for the current season that I am in with my career and family… This gave me a big confidence booster as well and helped me to look at my current work situation with new eyes and enthusiasm

Coaching Client, Female, 20+

Learn more about the Detox & Declutter 4 week coaching programme below.

Week 1 - Your best Life

After you have completed some pre-work, we explore what living your best life means to you right now. It’s important for us to connect with your dream life so we know what you should be working towards.

Week 2 - Your current Life

This entails a review of where you are at now and what is hindering you from living your best life. We specifically look at any of your destructive habits, distractions or barriers. Then we focus on what we can address in the short time that will have  lasting impact on your year.

Week 3 - Success Strategies

Together, we consider how you can overcome the main blockers in your life which were identified in Week 2. We also discuss how you can get closer to your imagined future through vision planning and SMART goal setting.

Week 4 - Thrive!

We end by creating a practical action plan you can follow to bridge the gap between your imagined future and your current situation. This involves evaluating your SMART goals, setting healthy boundaries, and defining daily habits for success.

“You [Vanetta] have had a huge impact on our lives, and we will truly never forget what you have done for us [helping the husband get promoted and the wife secure a permanent job]. You have given us the confidence to believe in ourselves…”

Coaching Clients, Couple, 20+

The programme consists of 4 x 1.5 hour private online video sessions with pre-work to do each week, so we can make the most of our time together.

I’m also offering a 50% discount on the programme until April 19th to help you make the most of your time during the COVID-19 crisis. .




50% Discount

This programme works well if you are interested in ‘spring cleaning’ your thoughts, aspirations, emotions and routines.

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