Me, Myself & Impostor: How to boss your Impostor Syndrome through ‘The F.R.A.U.D. Framework™’

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Impostor Syndrome (IS)

IS is a key obstacle to living your best life


    Impostor Syndrome (IS) is a specific type of self doubt where you discredit your contribution to your successes and instead attribute them to luck or fate. IS makes you question or ignore any successes you have as you don’t believe you earned them. It stops you from seeing yourself as capable of being accomplished or having expertise in your subject area.

    Impostor Syndrome is not a classified mental illness, but in the initial research in the 1970s on Impostor Phenomenon (IP), it was found that people with high IP scores also experienced more generalised anxiety, lack of self-confidence and depression than those with low IP scores.

    Because Impostor Syndrome is a key obstacle of living our best life, it’s a topic I specialise in helping my clients work through.


    Impostor Type Quiz

    Find out which of the 5 Impostor Types resonates with you most in this much loved Impostor Type Quiz.

    Me, Myself & Impostor

    Read this self help guide to find out how to show Impostor Syndrome who is the boss of your life!

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    “Vanetta’s training was exactly what I needed. I love the way she outlined the time and clearly broke everything down so that it could be remembered and immediately put to use. After only a couple days, I’m already seeing the shift in my thinking. I’m excited for more from Vanetta and The Blueprint Way! “

    Jamie, Child Welfare Attorney

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