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Helping you thrive in your work and life

“[Vanetta’s] coaching has helped me to bring out strengths, talents and experiences I either did not know that I had and/or did not remember I had from the past. Going forward, I understand how the work that transpired from this coaching will assist me with my new UX Design Career.”

Coaching Client, UX Researcher

Coaching helps people establish and work towards achieving goals.
This is done through a collaborative process between coach and client, the use of a number of tools and techniques, and by the coach holding the client accountable.

Your benefits:

Through coaching, you can:

  • clarify your priorities and gain focus
  • develop sustainable ways to work towards your goals
  • move out of analysis paralysis into living purposefully
  • manage stress better

My results:

Through coaching, I have helped my clients:

  • set better boundaries and develop healthy self care routines
  • manage life stage change positively
  • develop constructive thought patterns and challenge destructive ones
  • provide department-wide resilience training
  • achieve double promotions, smash targets and cultivate positive senior stakeholder relationships

For those feeling stuck in life and need help figuring out their next steps, I provide 3 core coaching services:

Life Satisfaction 

Supporting the discovery and fulfilment of your life goals related to your purpose, habits, mindset and resource management.

Career & Leadership 

Identifying goals and developing actionable plans related to career progression, change and leadership.

Business Planning

Helping you assess the viability and sustainability of your business idea from vision to full business plan.

Coaching Fees

Following a FREE, non-binding, 20 minute consultation call to all new clients to assess if we are willing and able to work together, I offer both one off sessions as well as 3, 6 and 9 session packages*. 

Each session is 1 hour in duration.

To note, business planning fees are not included below as it comes as a set programme including worksheets and resources. 
Please contact me directly for a quote.

*Payment plans can be discussed


1 Hour Session


A little help when you need it most.
This will be a solution-focused coaching session, so you can leave it with strategy.

1.5 Hour Session


A little more help when you need it most.
This will be a solution-focused coaching session, so you can leave it with strategy.

3 Sessions


This package works well if you want to work on achieving one S.M.A.R.T. goal.


6 Sessions


Most Popular

This package works well if you want to accomplish short-term life or career planning. 

9 Sessions



This package works well for longer-term (3+ years) life planning and purpose discovery. 

I came to Vanetta as a cry for help, I knew I needed help because I was stuck in a vicious cycle of doing a lot without actually achieving much. We looked at where I was and where I wanted to be to which she systematically guided me with practical tools and techniques to bridge that gap. Her approach was that of sustainable change which I value a lot: her understanding and  ability to  combine quick wins that motivate and give a sense of achievement while all the time focusing on long term sustainable growth is amazing…

Coaching Client, Business Owner

Other Services



Feel safe and supported to set yourself free


Strategic leadership  for successful change

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