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Feel safe and supported to set yourself free

“Thank you Vanetta for making me feel comfortable to open up and be listened to. I felt heard. Thanks to counselling I feel more confident and stronger in myself”

Counselling Client, Student Midwife

Counselling is a type of therapy in which a counsellor helps a client process disruptive thoughts, emotions and behaviours that are obstacles to them living a fulfilling life.


Your Benefits:

Through counselling, you:

  • have space to fully be yourself without being judged
  • are the centre of attention, not the cameo in someone else’s story
  • are supported to live your best life – from the inside out
  • are truly listened to

My Results:

Through counselling, I have helped my clients effectively:

  • process sexual abuse and trauma gently and safely
  • identify unhealthy relationship dynamics and develop healthy ones instead
  • measurably improve feelings of anxiety and depression
  • re-connect with their identity and worth
  • challenge false thoughts
  • manage anger issues

Client problems I support with include:

Anxiety & Depression

Discovering possible reasons and  resolutions to mild to moderate distress and discouragement.

Abuse, Trauma & Loss

Finding hope and harmony following the trauma and troubles of your life.

Relationship with Self & Others

Exploring unhealthy patterns of relating to self and others and establishing healthy ones.

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Counselling – The Blueprint Way

I provide counselling services through an Integrative Approach.
This means I utilise a number of different counselling tools and approaches where necessary –
adapted to the needs of my clients.
You can read more about some of these approaches below.

Person-Centred Counselling

This is a great approach if you feel stuck, stressed, sad or shame and need space to explore your thoughts and emotions with someone you can trust. 

Only leaning on this approach in our counselling work means you as a client will shape the content and direction of your counselling sessions and I will be an encouraging and supportive companion on your journey of  self-discovery and self-actualisation. There will be no assessments and homework is highly unlikely.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

This is a great approach if you feel stuck, stressed or sad; don’t mind doing homework between sessions and need someone to help you fight negative thinking.  

Through CBT, I will help you deal with overwhelming problems in a more positive way by breaking them down into smaller parts.  There will be lots of work for you to do, so if you don’t like homework and applying what you learned in your life, this approach won’t work for you.

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

This is a great approach if you feel stuck or stressed and want to focus on identifying and working on solutions with someone you can trust.

This approach is most similar to coaching and is primarily what I use in my coaching sessions. This is because it leaves little time to discuss or reflect on problems, thoughts or feelings, but rather seeks to establish clear, concise and realistic goals on how to make your life better at the end of our work together.

Transactional Analysis

This is a great approach if you feel stuck, stressed, sad or shame as a result of toxic relationships or vicious relationship cycles and need space to explore your relational history, present and future with someone you can trust.

Through TA, we will explore the role historical relationships with your primary caregivers play in the way you currently relate to or communicate with others.

Counselling Fees

Following a FREE, non-binding, 20 minute consultation call to all new clients to assess if we are willing and able to work together, I offer both one off sessions as well as 3, 6, 9 and 12 session packages*.

Each session is 50 minutes in duration.

*Payment plans can be discussed


1 off 50 Minute Session


A little help when you need it most.
This will be an empathy-focused counselling session, so you can leave feeling better supported and understood.

3 Sessions


A little more help when you need it most.
This will be a an empathy-focused counselling session, so you can leave feeling better supported and understood.

6 Sessions


Most Popular

This package works well if you want to develop effective stress management or conflict resolution techniques



9 Sessions


This package works well if you want to process mild to moderate general anxiety, depression or grief


12 Sessions



This package works well if you are looking to work through abuse, trauma, deep rooted self image issues, destructive relationship patterns or complicated grief

“My sessions with Vanetta have been insightful, thought provoking and evolutionary! I feel like I have real-life strategies and tools that I can immediately implement that will help me turn everyday issues into a learning point that propels me to the next level.

Counselling Client, Director of Marketing & Comms

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