Me, Myself & Impostor: How to boss your Impostor Syndrome through ‘The F.R.A.U.D. Framework™’

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The Natural Genius

The Natural Genius thrives on being able to solve any problems they face with ease and speed.

To understand and master your specific Impostor type, you will first need to understand the problem and the purpose of your type. Then the proposal can help you with first steps towards overcoming your unique type.

The Problem: 

The Natural Genius defines success as being naturally able to learn and do something well on their 1st attempt. Therefore, they feel like they have failed when they are unable to master a subject or skill on their first try.

As a natural genius, you may have grown up as a child and with little effort on your part did well in academics, athletics or arts, or a selection of them all. So you never had to attribute good achievements with hard work. So whenever you are faced with something you can’t do with ease, you feel like you are a fraud and failure in that area. 

Whether in a personal or professional capacity, if you find yourself in situations that require you to work hard to achieve well, you may doubt whether you were meant to be in that situation, relationship, job role in the first place and you may even end up leaving because of your doubt. Because of this, you may also allow yourself to be passed over for promotions thinking if it isn’t easy for you, it isn’t right.

The Purpose:

Behind your drive for effortless expertise is a desire to do many things excellently.
You are a natural leader. Talent is in your DNA.

The Proposal:

Instead of letting the chase for 1st attempt masterpieces drive you (and those around you) crazy:

1) Join my Interrupt Your Impostor Type Workshop here or

2) Book a FREE 20 minute chat with me to help you explore things further here

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