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The Soloist

The Soloist thrives on being able to achieve great things by themselves.
DIY is your motto and with enough time and effort you think you can become completely ’self-made’.

To understand and master your specific Impostor type, you will first need to understand the problem and the purpose of your type. Then the proposal can help you with first steps towards overcoming your unique type.

The Problem: 

Soloists define success as anything achieved independently, therefore asking for or needing help is a sign of failure for them.

As a soloist, you prefer to work on your own, because you believe if you were really competent, you wouldn’t need help. 

If you have to ask for help, or if it is given to you within the context of team work for example, you feel like a fraud attributing any sense of achievement to yourself.

This is why you might struggle asking for a raise in a team working context, because you feel like you don’t deserve it.

Deep down you find teamwork a nightmare and judge those who ask for help as incompetent.   

The Purpose:

Behind your drive to DIY everything is the desire to be considered as competent solely on your own merit.
You are a natural self-starter. Independence is in your DNA.

The Proposal:

Instead of letting the chase for being completely self-made  drive you (and those around you) crazy:

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