Me, Myself & Impostor: How to boss your Impostor Syndrome through ‘The F.R.A.U.D. Framework™’

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The Superhero

The Superhero thrives on being seen as a hard worker and being all things to all people.

To understand and master your specific Impostor type, you will first need to understand the problem and the purpose of your type. Then the proposal can help you with first steps towards overcoming your unique type.

The Problem: 

The Superhero defines success as juggling all they have on their plates with excellence and ease. Failure for them means falling short of balancing all their roles and responsibilities well.

As a superhero, you have set very high standards for yourself in every area of responsibility out of a fear that you don’t measure up with everyone around you.
So even if you are doing well as a parent or partner at the moment, if you are struggling with work or vice versa you feel like an all around failure.

Unless  you are working hard in every area of your life, you don’t feel you are worthy of your success.Relaxation is almost a curse word to you, as you believe validation only comes through working hard.

At work, you often stay late to get a jump start on tomorrow’s tasks, before you dash home to bake the cake your child needs to take to the school bake. Buying a cake on the way home from work is an insult to you. Hobbies are a luxury you don’t have time for between work AND family responsibilities AND volunteering.  

You might not ask for a raise because you believe everyone else is more competent than you, so all you can do is work hard to catch up with them.

The Purpose:

Behind your drive for multi-domain expertise is the desire to be validated and seen as trustworthy and reliable.
You are a natural giver. Empathy is in your DNA.

The Proposal:

Instead of letting the chase for external validation drive you (and those around you) crazy:

1) Join my Interrupt Your Impostor Type Workshop here or

2) Book a FREE 20 minute chat with me to help you explore things further here

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